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Will be deleting app! The badge is why I got it!


This app had been working then as of mid October 2018 the badges will no longer display. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Works for me

I've been using the app for a couple of years now and I am happy with it. Simple and easy to use. When I want to share it, I just take a screenshot and send that by text or email.

Badge notification

Where did the badge countdown go?

In app purchase

I purchased the event counter that would show the countdown on the icon. It worked well for a couple of weeks then disappeared.

The app

I liked the app and it helps me but it won’t send me notifications

Where did app badge go?

Latest update removed the app badge from the home screen. Can’t find any mention of it anymore and that was the only reason I had this app.

Not caring for it

Not very user friendly


The free countdown app is a complete waste of time. The ads completely cover your screen, rendering the App unusable. 👎👎👎


It is so fun it helps me be excited to wait for something

Ads make this app awful

Couldn’t go 30 seconds with out a 1 min long ad popping up. Just awful.

The app

Best app for Countdowns I have ever used


Too much and long ads, deleted instantly


It’s not my favorite because if you want to set a new countdown you have to watch an ad first and it takes forever! Also you can’t edit it once you submit it! It’s definitely not the best

Not very helpful

I choose the photo pina colata in the tropical photos and there is a wedding planner app at the top that obscures the ability to see that count down date. What a waste. That photo stay until you download it. :(. I have no intention of planning a wedding.


this is app is incredibly annoying. this is because you can only have one countdown at a time. and if you want more than one then you have to buy it. that’s seems to extra for me. i would recommend buying waste of time.

Too much advertisement

There’s literally an advertisement every time you click a new button. I can’t even start a new event because I’ve watched 3 ads. It wouldn’t be so bad if the ads were 5-10 seconds but these are 30 second ads. No thanks. Deleted app.

Can’t share countdown

Need to be able to share countdown. Wish it had the same ability to sync up and share as “organizer”. Want an easy countdown app for events up and coming my family’s lay can share with relatable personalized custom upload pics so my grand children can view and associate the event with.

Badge countdown gone.

Recently lost badge countdown feature. App useless to me now.


Once upon a time I would have given this app five stars but I recently just redownloaded it and was disappointed to have to be stuck in an ad for like two minutes or so before it will even let you exit out of it and go into the app. I’m going to uninstall and find a different countdown app that won’t do that.

badge icon

I used to really love using this app, until recently the badge icon countdown is now gone has anybody else had this problem? they would tell me how many days I have left from my event without having to open the app. Now it doesn’t even give me that option to do so.

Can’t edit countdown if you leave the app mid-setup

I was creating my countdown and received a phone call so the countdown completed itself with the information that it had; which was very little and the only edit that I could make was the font. I deleted the app and downloaded it so I’m going to try again, but that’s irritating and should be corrected. Edit: This app is garbage! You can post it on social networks, but it doesn’t show the countdown -it provides a link to the countdown; which no one is going to click on. How do I know that no one will click it? Because I wouldn’t even click on it. I just wanted to post a cute little countdown on my Facebook, but that’s clearly too much to ask for... To the developer: No need to email - I told you what the issue is above: I received a phone call while filling in the info for the countdown and it finalized itself and wouldn’t allow me the ability to finish setting up the date etc. I deleted it and reinstalled and was able to create a countdown; however, it doesn’t do what I’m looking for, so the endeavor was an all around waste of time.

Just ok

Badge icon disappears for no reason and never comes back, have check all settings.

Badge quit working??

Have used this app for years and love it and suddenly there’s no more badge? Please fix!

Good app

I like the way it displays, but if you post a selfie, forget seeing the face. Fun for me, and anyone I can give a Lookie-loo to at my screen, but no sharing.

Badge missing

Why did you remove the badge countdown? Please bring that back!

Badges stop working

With the new update. 😞😞

Badge counter has stopped working after last update.

I’ve been using the premium/paid version of this app since 2014 and I’ve never had any problems. However, after the most recent update, the badge notifications option disappeared. I did not change any settings, but still double checked to make sure I had the appropriate notification options selected in iOS. In the app, the option to select an event to have displayed via the badge has been completely removed. Very disappointing that the devs would remove a perfectly working function that I paid for!

Not as promised

I bought the app specifically to show off photos to countdown my wedding. When you share it on Facebook all you get is one static photo and no sound.

Countdown on app gone

I really like this app but after the recent update the Countdown number does not show up on the app anymore. I don’t want have to open app every time to see that. Guess it’s time to delete and find a new one


Ads? Really? On a countdown app? Why does literally every app have ads now?

I used to love it...

I have been using this app forever for my countdowns for vacations. I just now went to the app and put multiple countdowns in like I always do and type my own phrase. But now you have to pay extra that is absolutely ridiculous!! I never used to have to pay extra I’m very upset to find out that now I have to pay extra if I want to type my own phrase or have multiple countdowns. Please fix this!!

Good app, but... the latest update the day indicator on the app icon is gone. This was the main reason I got this. Please bring it back. I will raise to 5 stars if this is fixed.

Best Customer Service

I recently contacted Sevenlogics when this app stopped working 100% correctly and the follow through from them was amazing. I’ve never had an app company get back to me so quickly and check in with me so thoroughly.


This app is really very good. I see a lot of people’s ratings, saying they don’t like the app because they paid for premium and it didn’t work out how they wanted. I did not (and have no plan to) get premium, but from other people’s experiences I do not recommend it. I do not have premium which is not a problem, and whenever I need a countdown this is always the app I use! If you are looking for a reliable, fun and simple countdown I highly recommend this app.


App crashes whenever I try to share my countdown. It worked when I first downloaded, but not anymore

Too many adds.

This app has ENTIRELY too many adds. You can barely use the app without getting sucked into clicking on three different adds for them to make money on. The adds last about 20 seconds each.

I can’t set it as my wallpaper

I wish I could set it as my wallpaper but nope it won’t let me I got so triggered

Couldn’t share event-app kept crashing

Though I didn’t go super crazy on the personal development of my event countdown, it was still quirky enough that I wished to share it with a few friends who would also be included in the event. I was unable to even access messenger (messenger access currently unavailable pop up) and each time I tried either Facebook or text, I would get the “generating link” message with the working wheel and then boom! The app will crash. Every. Single. Time. Basically, this is good if you’re the only one who cares what’s on your calendar.

Don’t purchase (can’t share countdown)

Tried to share a million times and no can do! Will not share! it gives you a bootleg option to screen shot the countdown which makes no sense at all! Bad app bad app bad app

Unable to download to new IPad

I already bought the premium version. I received a new IPad and am not able to get the premium version back without paying again. $$$

Keeps crashing

Cannot share a live link to countdown timer. It keeps crashing on all 4 formats: text, email, messengers etc it doesn’t matter which one you try to generate link to -app crashes

Some features don’t work.

Paid for the full version... only some of the features work. Potential buyers beware! I purchased because I thought it would be something fun I could share, however the app crashes when you attempt to share a live link. Also I chose to purchase this app in particular because of the badge notification. Unfortunately that feature also does not work. 😒

Sharing is Caring

Don’t waste ur time if you want to share. It crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

Good but...

This app has a lot of great features and is easy to use but when you go to share your countdown the app crashes. Hopefully they will fix it and o can give them a 5 Star review.

Woah now

Woah now

Can’t share

App looks good and functions basically how I want. But as soon as you try to share the countdown the app crashes

Doesn’t work :(

I like the App but the sharing option does not work 🙁

Doesn’t Share

I don’t write reviews, ever, but this one I felt was worthy of it. I really like how easy it is to use, that you can add your own photo and music. But what is the point if I can’t share it at all? The app crashes instantly when I push share. I just downloaded it today too, so it’s not an outdated version. I’m glad it’s free. There’s no way I’d pay for it. I just want a countdown timer with music and a photo for a concert. I gave it a 2nd star because it is easy to use, otherwise it’s only deserving of 1 Star.

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