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Thank you!

This was exactly what I was looking for to count down to my daughter’s graduation from Navy boot camp.


I like the app very much but I’m always looking at it and sometimes I want to change the phrase or the color of the words and I takes me awhile to get to the settings and when I do after I’m finished I cannot see the done button very well and I hope you fix this.

Awesome but...

WHY IS IT 1 DAY OFF please fix that problem.

Annoying app with limited functionality

Most recently, Whenever I select a song, it will play at random times. Any song, whether Play on Start is selected or not. Even overrides phones Bluetooth connections with other devices. Never had a problem likes this with music on my phone or any other app. App Version: Provided by: Countdown!! Sent from my iPhone

Annoying ads that get in the way of a screenshots

Pretty cool app but really annoying ads at the top of the app. Not worth it.

Why no Apple Watch Version?

This App would be perfect if I could use it on my Apple Watch.

Not to happy

frustrated trying to edit once I chose done. Could not see what it was going to look like along the way


I love this app you can chose a background and say a time even! And I’m going to Florida it says how I will be leaving for the airplane in 2 hours!!

Not shareable

I have a huge trip coming up that I wanted to share the countdown with my private Facebook group of Friends that are going on the trip with me but the slideshow feature that I upgraded and paid for does not allow it. I could “share” my event but it doesn’t allow the slideshow to play and gets lost in the feed .Super bummed about this -

Worst Countdown App

So many ads, any time you click anywhere it just opens up something like your Apple Music or some ad music video. It’s annoying and frustrating so I won’t be using this.

Love It!

So easy to use!


Works well!

Great app, works again.

Great app, all bugs fixed



Rating Emma Hansen

So I really like this app it gives me the date of when I’m going somewhere and it has seconds which I really like but I’m glad this app is out there

Really like it!!

I really like this app because it tells you the exact time to whatever your event is so you won’t have to do the math😂 you also get to pick your background which is cool.. but anyways I think this app is great👍🏼

I’d give it 0 if I could

What a horrible app


Too many ads and interruptions and banners interfering! All I wanted was a countdown to the birth of my baby without being interrupted by lame ads


Just what I was looking for. So far so good

Does exactly as its supposed to.

The only way it could improve is if the premium were free, but I understand why it’s not 😋 Also, @ the person complaining about not being able to share - I think it’s supposed to just be a local app. Either screenshot the countdown, show it off in person, or use, where you can make online countdowns and share them. Anyway, I love this app. 😊


I absolutely love this app!!! I use it for everything and I don’t have to use my dumb calculations! All I have to do is set an event, a date, and a time!! Love it

Dose what is supposed to

If I could add one thing is a “time passed” feature, that’s all I would change.

Got charged without asking

I downloaded the free version and added one countdown. Got freaking charged $2.99 to upgrade to premium without me doing anything 1 week after downloading the app. I didn’t press anything or input my password for this charge. This is bull crap and a scam. Don’t download. I’m going to dispute charge on credit card, contact Apple, and hope to be refunded.

Good app but could use some updates.

I use this app all the time and really like it by it def use some feature updates. Like Apple Watch compatibility, ability to share your countdowns, and sync them between devices. If this app had those key features it’d def get a five star review from me.

Pretty easy to use

The best count down app because you can specify what times you want(seconds hrs minutes etc.)


Too much ad. The ad doesn’t go away. So frustrating.


Would like to name my event. Not user friendly.

Ads Ads Ads

Horrible, so many ads, not worth the time.

Best countdown app!!!

I have tried so many countdown apps, but this is by far the best one I have ever tried! You can count everything down from years to seconds! I use this for all my events and love it! Wish I could give it more stars! I would recommend this to anyone!


Well I downloaded it, added my info, and then it popped up with a giant Ad that literally never went away so it’s useless and has been deleted.

This is super helpful!

As a kid I would always ask my mom when we’re going somewhere like a vacation, concert, fun event, etc. I have a wedding coming up and I always forget dates. I can put it early that way I will never be late to any event. So Helpful! Definitely get this app! ❤️

I like the app, just wish I could share easier.

Works great as a personal reminder! I like the badges as well, so I can sort of countdown without really opening the app. Would love to see an update with the option to share - to really share the super cool dynamic countdown, not just a link.

Too many ads

Not only are there too many ads, but the ads are extremely long.

2nd review

The asshats even deleted my personal photos I used for my reminders. Thanks ...... grandchildren photos are now GONE!!!!!

don’t get

I was looking for a simple (and free) app to count down till my vacation and this one was the first to come up. It had a changing background, a count down to seconds, font changes, and honestly everything you could imagine for a countdown app! At this point I’m in love with this app and I really want to download it. Once I downloaded it I started to make my countdown until I realized you can do literally nothing on this app UNLESS you pay. don’t get this app, unless you wanna pay :((

Love it

I love this app you can set dates and personalize it how you would like it

Great app

This app is fantastic!! I am a crazy countdown person so this app is very useful to keep all of my events organized!! Love it❤️

Awesome App!

I absolutely love this app! I’ve used it for 2 previous events and I’m currently using it for 2 future events, my 19th birthday and my trip to Six Flags. I love the features and I shall continue to use it for future events to come. 💜

so many ads

you click on one thing, you get an ad, and it doesn’t even open the thing you clicked on, so you try again, and get another ad. exactly annoying

Way too many ads

You can’t even set a new countdown without being forced to watch an ad.

Too many adds

Just downloaded and Uninstalled Had 3 adds pop up before I could even create 1 event


I love this app because if you have any important things coming up you just put that in the calendar thingy 😂 and when the day comes it will remind you at whatever time you set it for. I just think it’s an amazing app :)


had to uninstall wouldnt open anymore bye

It’s ok...

This is a pretty good app, the reason I don’t say that it’s great is because, I was not personally able to change the length of my count down or delete my current count down, to create a new one. I had to delete the app and re-download it to make a new count down. Other then that, I like that you can add your own picture and choose what music you would like to go with it, I love checking the app to see how long I have until my friend comes home. Overall I have enjoyed it!!

Great! But wish I could share better

Wish I could share more easily through text and social media, but otherwise I think it’s a great fun app for countdowns!


Can change settings concerning if you just want days and eliminate months etc.

Good so far

Good so far

So many ads

Can’t ever actually make a countdown because the ads take so long to play thru and no way to skip.

Great app!

It really worked and I don't have any complaints

Was everything I was looking for

I really just wanted a app to count down and give me excitement for my up coming event, and it succeeded!

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